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Kemper > Eyes & Lashes  

24mm Size

32mm Eyelashes


Baby Eyelashes

Bottom Lash Only

Double Alternate

Double Lashes

Eyelashes Paula

Style 11

Style 12

Style 13

Style 14

Style 15

Style 16

Style 17

Style 18

Style 19

Style 20

Style 21

Style 23

Style 24

Style 25

Style 27

Style 28

Style 29

Style 30

Style 31

Style 32

Style 33

Style 6

Tapered Eyelashes

Glass Eyes
German Round Paperweight

Glass Eyes

Glass Natural Flatback Eyes

Glass Oval Flatback Eyes

Karl Glass Eyes

Solid round glass PW

Hands Glass Eyes
Hands glass natural dome PW

Hands glass oval

Hands glass paperweight round - Blue Tones

Hands glass paperweight round - Brown Tones

Hands glass paperweight round - Green Tones

Hands glass paperweight round - Purple Tones

Hands standard threaded crystal round

Plastic Eyes
All Natural Round Plastic - Blue Tones

All Natural Round Plastic - Brown Tones

All Natural Round Plastic - Green Tones

Des Yeux Poupees (Acrylic) Eyes

Glastic Realistic Eyes

Spirit eyes

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