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Back-Orders - August 14, 2004
We no longer accept backorders. Items not shipped are out of stock and will not be backordered. Customers will need to re-order out of stock items at a later date.

Shipping Comments - July 14, 2004
Orders received by 10:00 AM EST on Mondays will be shipped same week. Orders received after 10:00 AM EST will not be shipped until the following week.

Purchase Volume Policy Change - February 03, 2004
I would like to start of with much deserved Thank You and my appreciation to all our customers. Audrey's Doll Gallery has grown quite significantly in the last couple of years, so much so that we find ourselves at a crossroad. This crossroad has put us in a position that we must change our "We Require No Minimums!" policy in order to maintain our much sought after 30% to 40% discounts.
Effective immediately Audrey's Doll Gallery will be requiring that orders will have to have a $25.00 minimum before S & H charges.

You will need to provide a hard copy of your State Retail or Merchants License by fax or mail and/or notify Audrey's Doll Gallery of your intent comply within 24 hours of your order. Afterwards, this must be updated on a yearly basis.
*If your State Retail or Merchants License is not received by Audrey's Doll Gallery by time of shipment we will be placed in the position of lowering your discount to 30% discount.

Masterpiece Eyes - June 25, 2003
Orders for Masterpiece Eyes are binding after 24 hours, all eyes are custom made to order, therefore we cannot accept cancellations beyond this deadline. Please place your orders with this knowledge. Please note that the Masterpiece eyes are a custom hand-made product. Orders require a three week turn-around time.

»»Wig Colors - March 01, 2003
Many times the question has been posed to me regarding what the actual colors are in the wig pictures located on our site. If I had to, all I could do was guess at them. Finally, I deferred the question to our Web Developer and the response was as follows:

“All your pictures are processed from processed pictures provided by the Importers and Manufactures. Every computer monitor, OS setting, and graphic cards render color differently. Combine those factors together we have no way to confirm the correct color.”

Just what our inquiring minds asked for,

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